2023-02-07 15:00Blog post

American Water Celebrates Black History Month

Throughout February, American Water celebrates Black History Month by recognizing and reflecting on the contributions made by African Americans to the United States. We are also proud to spotlight a few of our employees who have shared what this month means to them.

SHANE – Construction Inspector at Kentucky American Water

What does Black History Month mean to you?
It is a time of reflection on the sacrifices, determination, and will of the ancestors to simply exist. However, they didn’t just exist! They created, thrived, grew, and contributed greatly to our country and the history of this world. I love to learn and share with my children about the historical accomplishments of the ancestors each year.

How do you celebrate Black History Month?
I celebrate Black History month through the arts. Whether it be books, movies, YouTube videos, exhibits, or food. Exposing myself and my family to something different each year locally or within driving distance.

Who is the most influential figure in Black History to you?
There is no hierarchy that one can establish to grade the most influential figure in Black history because they all bore burdens and negative stigma during their time. For that reason, I cannot name one figure but a group, Black inventors. They were able, despite dreadful working conditions, laws against learning, and every imaginable hurdle, to create advancements that revolutionized the world today. The traffic light, pipe wrench, cotton gin, Almanac, gas mask, fire extinguisher, potato chips, mailbox, peanut butter, and ice cream for goodness’ sake! They truly had to control their mindset to focus on something greater. The inspiration that one can tap from that is transformational!