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Keeping clean water flowing

Upstream Alliance & Camden County youth on a six-day expedition down the Cooper RiverUpstream Alliance & Camden County youth on a six-day expedition down the Cooper River

The recent article highlighting Upstream Alliance’s commendable dedication to clean water shows the power of what’s possible when partnerships bridge our local streams and waterways to make them accessible to underserved communities.

In turn, this access builds on public awareness of the true value of the water that flows through our cities and towns. It also supports life-sustaining water services and local providers’ capability to deliver clean, safe, reliable and affordable services over the long term.

We share Don Baugh’s passion for the rivers in and around Philadelphia – because they’re our home, too. As his neighbor across the Delaware, Camden-based American Water has invested in supporting and enhancing the communities where we live, work, and operate. By way of the American Water Charitable Foundation and the passionate American Water employees that go above and beyond in support of public health, we take seriously our role in the environmental stewardship of our supply of drinking water.

The Foundation was proud to partner with Don through a $40,000 grant in 2022, and we continue to support grants focused on environmental justice and engagement that keep clean water flowing for all.

Carrie Williams, President, American Water Charitable Foundation

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